Hello, my name is Jim and I am 54 years old and live in Northern Virginia.  
Towards the end of June, 2012 I developed  severe foot and lower
leg swelling.   Hospitalized
on the 28th, I was diagnosed as having
Edema,  more specifically Peripheral Edema.  Peripheral
Edema is the swelling or fluid build-up in the tissues of the body's extremities, such as the arms
or legs.  It is an indication of a malfunction in one or more of the body's processes.  The British
spelling is
Oedema.  Edema is also known as Dropsy or Hydropsy.
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I am willing to share my experiences with Peripheral Edema and
servere leg swelling, along with my actions to improve my
condition.  Any information presented on these pages does not
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Manassas Park, VA  20111
Male Feet and Ankles Showing Typical Peripheral Edema
This site is therapy for me and hopefully educational for us all.  Peripheral Edema is a definite
wake-up call, as your body's functions are seriously impaired, movement is impossible, and the
pain is excruciating.  I had no clue what Peripheral Edema or severe leg swelling was, how to
prevent its damaging effects, or why I was affected.  With a lifelong struggle with obesity, I know the
obvious:  lose weight and be more active.  I'm working on both.  On the plus side, I am a non-smoker
and I do not drink alcoholic beverages.  For those who recognize me from some of the descriptions,
I was called "James" during my school years.

I'll tell my story on how I manage my Peripheral Edema.  I know I could do better, but environment and real life needs play a large
part in what I'm able to do and what I want to do.  Your physician is best suited to determine the causes and treatment of your
Peripheral Edema.  Some possible causes of Edema or fluid build up are:

• High levels of salt in diet

• Pregnancy

• Physical injury, infection, or burn

• Prolonged sitting or standing without movement, such as a desk
job or air travel

• Diseases of the heart, kidney, liver, lung, or thyroid

• Failure of the lymphatic system (lymph nodes)

• Malnutrition or poor diet

• Blood clot in the lower leg (deep vein thrombosis)

Venous diseases such as spider veins, varicose veins, etc.

• Prescription medications and over the counter drugs to include  non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs (NSAIDs), corticosteroids,
calcium channel blockers, vasodilators (drugs that open blood  vessels), diabetes medications (thiazolidinediones), and
estrogens (hormone therapy)

I have many questions about Peripheral Edema, the fluid build up that causes it, and its effect on the body.  I'll share my opinions
and answers as to how I live with Peripheral Edema, a mobility limiting condition.

• Do you or someone you know suffer from foot or leg swelling or fluid build up?

• What foods or supplements help with your Peripheral Edema or leg swelling?

• Do you restrict your fluid or salt intake?

• Do you take, or have you taken, large quantities of aspirin or ibuprofen (NSAIDs)?

These and more Peripheral Edema related questions are addressed on my Q & A page.
Peripheral Edema or Fluid Build up on Feet and Ankles of a Male Patient
Peripheral Edema is not the end.  It is a treatable condition, and
we should act accordingly.  We only have one body, and its parts
are not replaceable.  Let's see if we can help each other.
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